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Major turnarounds are probably coming for these 10 clubs

There were plenty of teams other than the Astros who were happy with how their season was going. The National League champion Phillies, certainly; the Mets and Braves each won games; and the cardinals had a nostalgia party practically every day 


Whose autograph are you chasing this season?

Catena Media
The Grueling Truth
Jakarta Daily
AtoZ Markets

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You subscribe to a feed by providing a list of keywords, such as "US Sports, MLB, NFL", and choose a daily volume. Our experienced writers will write the stories for you and automatically send them to your Wordpress site

Rich News Articles

Rich News Articles

Articles come with social media embeds, videos and comments as well as photos with your website branding

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Human writers write the article and AI fact checks and reviews, to ensure highest quality

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Rich News Articles
I hold myself to a high standard, I know this team holds me to a high standard

Rich News Articles

No editing on your part needed! Monok Articles come full-fledged, rich with embeded quotes, photos, social media, plagiarism checked and pushed to your Content Management System.

  • Available in 20+ Languages

    Expand your target group! Articles are available in more than 20 different languages.
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    Animated avatars for quotes and images come edited, styled and branded with your website logo.

  • Human first

    Articles are written by a competent team of writers with the aid of AI.

Making hard easy

Making hard easy

Content is King, but content is also hard. With a plug and play system you can control daily volume and have quality News Articles published directly to your site within minutes.

  • Drives Organic Traffic

    Verified by clients to increase traffic, up to 600% increase.

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    Indexed by Google Search and accepted by Google News.

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    Articles are generated to be more unique than available content online, with several layers of plagiarism checks.

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Articles are automatically pushed out to your Wordpress website as a draft or direct to publish. Integrations with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn make marketing easier.


Articles contain links to other published material, this increases retention.

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Automatically shared on Twitter and LinkedIn with appropriate hashtags & mentions.

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Articles are pushed to the appropriate news section of your website.

Wordpress Plugin & API

Easily integrate with our Wordpress Plugin, Slack Integration and Dedicated API


Monok automatically understands your intent and learns with each curation. It can therefore write and deliver for you News Articles on almost any topic. Check out these examples or visit our sample page here

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Monok’s willingness to problem-solve critical content issues and generate unique solutions is unparalleled. Working with them has been one our best experiences with a Service Provider. Monok’s Product Roadmap consistently predicts market needs resulting in their product offering being ahead of the curve with new features and monetization opportunities.
Matt Kovelan, SportsWriters, Founder

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